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IT is an enabler for Smart Everything

Smart Cities 
Digital innovation is making it easier than ever to create healthier  & more sustainable communities, but where to begin? 


  • Setting a 'Smart' Vision & Strategy

  • Wrting the Roadmap

  • Engaging Stakeholders

  • Delivering Results


Cities. Regions. Countries.  The 21c team has been helping innovators around the world harness IT to deliver smarter cities.


Smart Services


Digital services in the 21st century are all about personalisation and innovation - harnessing social media to deliver more with less.


  • What services do my citizens want?

  • How can they help co-create them?

  • Where do they want to access them?

  • How do we make them real-time?


Lighting. Energy. Water. Sharing. Paying. Reporting. Planning.  Name a service - we've helped a client innovate it.



Smart Mobility


With over 80% of the world's population living in cities, smarter transportation holds the key to more sustainable living:


  • Alternatives to driving?

  • Quicker parking?

  • Safer bike routes?

  • More efficient bus routes?


Whether it's harnasseing the power of IOT or engaging citizen 'sensor' or facilitating innovative app dev, 21c has been at the forefront of the 'Smart Mobility' revolution.


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