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Engagement Services

Stakeholder Management


Stakeholder management is a crucial first step in any project or initiative. 21c will help to identify anyone that may be impacted by your project (both postively and negatively) and will then categorise them based on needs and interests.  A through analysis will enable the tailoring of enagement strategies and tactics relevant to the specific groups, and will contrbute to successful project delivery by helping to avoid conflicts that ould occur if specific groups awere not involved at certain stages.  

Outreach Campaigns


21c's approach to running engagement campaigns is all about focusing on a person to person connection.  Far from trying to impress with industry buzz words and overly complex techniques, 21c works with the assumption that simple is best and use's clear, easy to understand language in order to convey complex messages as well as the use of appropriate engagement tactics that create an easy two-way connection with specific audience groups (see stakeholder management above), rather than a one size fits all approach.

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