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Smart Services



Technology Foresight


We help our partners and clients understand new technology and policy trends - cloud, Internet-of-Things, mobile, social media, and collaboration tools - that will transform service delivery.  Using established research techniques from delphi interviews to future scenario modelling we help people explore change drivers and new innovations to help identify future market opportunities for products, businesses or policies. 21c have conducted a range of foresight exercises for the European Commission working with renoun institutions like Rand International, as well as smaller market specific studies for national government entities like the Flemish eGovernment Authority.


Business Modelling


The disruptive influence of new technologies and methods of service delivery brings about radical transformations to exisiting business models. Yet creating new business models is never an easy task especially if transforming one in an industry that has been established for so long.  21c can help tackle these challeges through understanding your business, its drivers, data, service value and current operating model in order to define new pathways and options for accessing new growth opportunities to realise sustainability.

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