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21c is a proud member of the following networks:​​

Innovation Partners

The Urban Tide are a Scottish SME with experise in city transformation. .Urban Tide was formed from members of the team that helped bid, plan & deliver the Innovate UK’s £24 million smart city for Glasgow. There they worked on the OPEN Glasgow programme which opened the city's data and created engaging solutions for everyone. Like 21c, Urban Tide believes we can make our cities smart, by focusing on the integration of people, technology and data to deliver a sustainable, prosperous and inclusive future for everyone


Learn more about the Urban Tide


Better Cities are an innovative SME who understand that towns and cities are becoming increasingly congested and complex, so use systems thinking to problem solve and create solutions. 21c have partnered with Better Cities on an inovative healthcare solution that uses data to deliver personalised services to both citizens, care providers and local authorities, and we are just awaiting the funding results.


Learn more about Better Cities



The Bloor Group is an independent research firm that produces objective, high-quality analysis of enterprise technology products, services and markets via new media outlets and traditional research methods. The Bloor Group’s success and reputation depends on the independence and objectivity of its research. Bloor Group analysts, whether directly employed or simply acting as associates, do not sell their opinions.


Learn more about The Bloor Group



Partner & Co is a group of business partnerships in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and North Africa. The organisation has the aim to unlock the innovation potential within Saudi Arabia and the wider Gulf by creating a country-wide Open Data culture and ecosystem that is rooted in international best practices from partners like 21c, the Open Data Institute, OpenDataSoft amongst others.  21c recently helped P&Co be successful in their application to become an ODI Node in Riyadh.


Learn more about Partner & Co

NextGen is a well-established, respected and successful company offering a range of services and products, including: consultancy services; event conceptualisation, management and production, awards programmes, training programmes, NextGen TV and professional development study tours. 21c and NextGen are working togethert to offer a range of Open Data and Open Innovation workshops.


Learn more about NextGen

City Building Blocks is a partnership consisting of 3 leading Smart City SMEs who share an ethos that a city is only smart when it draws upon the talent and resources of its greatest asset - its citizens. City Building Blocks brings together deep domain knowledge from Smart Metropolis, IS Communications and 21c to offer best-of-breed methodologies, tools and services that use ICT to help cities unlock the innovative potential of their people to deliver efficient and cost-effective change.


Learn more about City Building Blocks


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