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“21c stand out because they understand that today, more than ever, we have all come to expect flexibility and responsiveness in our interactions between government and business.”

Chris Partridge,

Head of Information Strategy, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

“21c brings innovative approaches to understanding policy, and are experts at pulling effective teams together to address client needs.”


Lawrence Pratchett

Professor of Local Democracy, De Montfort University

“In my book, our success at PQQ stage is no small measure due to the fantastic work by 21c Consultancy and the domain expertise you brought to the response - so well done!”


Martin Edwards

Public Sector, Tata Consultancy Services UK

“21c Consultancy is always willing to find innovative ways to solve my challenges by thinking outside of the box. No matter how tight the timeline or the budget, 21c have always delivered and I would recommend them to anyone.”


Dylan Jeffrey

Programme Director for Local eDemocracy and e-Participation, CLG

“With a strategic mind, Julia Glidden helped us boil down a very complex technical story to pitch to business level reporters with great success. I highly recommend her consultancy for strategic communications needs.”

Michelle Metzger

Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications, Entrust

“Whether it is designing engaging Citizen-centric campaigns or crafting award winning proposals, I can always rely upon 21c to go the extra mile to deliver outstanding work.”

Ken Bellamy

Director of Smart Media Centre, AIDC UK

“The 21c Team have been working in the eGovernment field since its inception. No one understands the interplay between technology and people better.”

Andrew Pinder

Former United Kingdom e-Envoy

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