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Open Data Services


From general training to tailored advice for your specific pain-points.

Tailored Training & Hackathons


As leading providers of specialised Open Data training materials - from Senior Leadership through to young students - 21c understand that the value shouldn’t end when the event does.  Not only does 21c’s team help you structure and operate a full day hackathon complete with session programme, key exercises and tailored development plan. Our staff will be on-the-ground to deliver the sessions, capture results and help you develop new activities with your community moving forward.



Public Sector Case Study
Advice & Counsel on Using Open Data


As experts in Open Data compliance - we have helped over 140 cities across Europe to open and use data - we use the latest international mandates, alongside guidance from the Open Data Institute (ODI), the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) and the United Nations (UN) to develop a strategic list of high-impact datasets for opening quickly and effectively.  Our team can clean the data for opening, or we can help your staff learn the procedures involved to be able to open the data themselves.


Strategic Open Data Programmes


For clients wishing to implement a cost-effective long term strategy we can help you create an implementation framework with a series of projects that (1) identifies the key champions you need to have onboard to build your own Open Data / Innovation community.  (2) understand the tools and approaches that are available to you to help stimulate the community and unlock value from data, and (3) creates a management plan for the opening and use of data that will generate solutions for your major pain points and challenges.

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