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PoliVisu Big Data Toolbox to Meet Customer Demands

21c's MD, Susie Ruston McAleer joined project colleagues from the Flemish eGovernment Authority, Politecnico di Milano and Geosparc to discuss the design and creation of the PoliVisu policy Toolbox.

PoliVisu’s new Big Data-focused policy Toolbox product isn't so much about keeping up with external tech competition as it is about meeting customer demand, the team members decided at an internal planning meeting in Milan this October.

The Consortium are responding to what customers want, which is they want to be able to know how to adopt big data good practice for engaging policy making without having to spend a fortune on yet another specialised platform. They want to create content/visualisations and embed/use with whatever tools they currently use for data and communications.

PoliVisu will launch its Toolbox for sustainable mobility policy making next year. The box, anchored by PoliVisu’s Big Data policy making framework will host mobility case studies from cities already adopting data-driven decision making and will provide access to tools, techniques and data for cities to follow the new methodologies.

Whilst decision making today often involves the use of data and visualisations, these usually come with limitations from the use of small data sets or standard templates. PoliVisu is challenging the status quo by helping cities truly think through what they wish to achieve and how to create a personalised visualisation that delivers the insights they actually need to thoroughly understand an issue and make a more sustainable decision. From pin-pointing the data needed, through to negotiating big data contracts PoliVisu aims to equip all decision makers with the confidence and skills for the new data age.

The new service is expected to launch in the second quarter of 2019.

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