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Pushing the State of the Art in Policy Visualisation: PoliVisu Meeting at Issy Les Moulineaux

All fifteen project partners, including Susie Ruston McAleer representaing 21c, gathered in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France on Thursday May 18th to move forward with the design architecture for the PoliVisu big data, policy making solution.

The solution aims to enhance public involvement and support in urban policy making, by equipping decision makers with the skills and tools - from open (geo) data processing to advanced visualisations- for using big data for collaborative policy experimentation. As a result, the city will make better sustainable policy decisions and can manage operations more effectively. Partners envisage this working in three key steps:

1) VISUALISE: PoliVisu visualisations create one version of the truth for all stakeholders to view to more fully understand the context of the policy challenge

2) DISCUSS: Drilling down into the data and changing scenarios helps stakeholders visually see the potential impact of different policy options and as a result better form opinions and give feedback

3) DECIDE: Policy makers best select policy pilots based on visual impact modelling. Results of the pilots are shown real-time on a digital map enabling agile monitoring and tweaking of the policy measure

The team were joined later that afternoon by the projects expert board, Andrew Stott (Former UK CIO), Yannis Charalabidis (Uuniversity of Aegean) , Bart de Lathouwer (OGC) and Nils Walvern (iMec) who stayed with the group, advising them on important aspects of development, until close of meeting Friday.

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