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A glimpse of the SELECT for Cities world

Our followers and readers already know the SELECT for Cities project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. What you may not know is the hard work and dedication of both the companies/consortia as well as the buying cities.

Currently the project is in Phase 2, which will end in 30th of June. In this phase the companies/consortia are building and testing the prototypes of their platform. At the end of August the remaining contractors will be invited to submit a bid to join Phase 3. In this last phase the contractors will elaborate the pilots on a bigger scale and will have as an outcome the long awaited validated prototypes.

And because not everybody is so techy, along with the developments, each contractor has prepared a monthly video on a specific subject. You can find videos about:

We invite you to check all of them but what is more important:

Stay tuned as more videos will follow and you sure don’t want to miss the updates on the SELECT for Cities prototypes.

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