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Learning From Best Practice In Digital Social Innovation

Today Pavel Kogut was in Thessaloniki to present PoliVisu to an audience of social innovation enthusiasts at a workshop organised as part of the 4th International Conference on Internet Science. Workshop participants had a chance to learn about the project, its partners, vision and potential to transform policymaking through novel data-driven methods and tools. PoliVisu, for its part, benefited from exposure to the preliminary results of four H2020 projects that have advanced social innovation in Europe over the past two years: Socratic, Open4Citizens, SavingFood and MAKE-IT. After the presentations all participants engaged in active brainstorming of obstacles inhibiting digital social innovation and ways in which they could be overcome. The need to focus on end user surfaced again and again in the ensuing discussion, which is not surprising given the central role citizens play in facilitating positive change for all. To find out more about PoliVisu developments follow the project on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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