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H2020 and Buzzwords…

More and more often we hear buzzwords such as Big Data, Blockchain, AI and many other but what do all these words have in common? Are there companies out there that deal effectively with all these technologies? The answer is both YES and NO. All these are new solutions, technologies and ideas and are supported and funded by European Commission’s research (EC).

Through its current funding scheme, H2020, the EC is funding the research and innovation related to these technologies. EC doesn’t deal with the technical knowhow on Big Data, Blockchain or AI but with a simple online search you will get to grips with the buzzword definition, if not the whole concept or technology. EC deals with funding the research behind these technologies.

If you would like a chance to receive funding based on an innovative idea that you might have you could follow the five simple steps presented below:

  • Check early the Work Programme – Published on Friday, October 27

  • Find the most suitable call and invite partners

  • Attend training courses that will help you complement your knowledge

  • Use a project management tool that will ease your work

  • Start writing early so you can submit early

The management of European Projects together with the bid preparation phase is slightly different than managing regular IT or Industrial projects. It can be considered a special category of Project management as on top of the general rules and principles of project management the management of EC projects has their own guidelines, rules and sets of constraints established by the EC.

If you consider applying for funding for a research idea that you have but feel overwhelmed by the submission process guidelines, just contact us at and we can help you. We can guide you during the bid creation and successful submission so that you are in budget and on time.

We will create for you a bid packet that will be easy to use, with easy to understand templates, based on the EC’s guidelines and we’ll make the submission process seem easy and quick. You will just need to focus on describing your idea.

Year 2020 is not that far…looking forward to the next research programme from the EC.

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