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21c Talks #YouthEngagement at Plovdiv Meeting

On 20-21 September 2017 Pavel attended #ask project meeting in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Joining partners from three other countries (Croatia, France, Greece) he used the opportunity to present the results of a UK pilot achieved so far. Since the beginning of the project, the pilot has brokered hundreds of conversations on Twitter, helping thousands of young people connect with policymakers in Britain and beyond. Most of these conversations were related to the future of the EU, which is not surprising given the prominence of Brexit in the international policy agenda. But there were many other topics too, such as education, employment, election (#vote16), health, sexual orientation, gender equality, democracy and human rights, to name the most popular ones. #ask tries to make the voices of young people heard by those wielding (political) power and vice versa, with the overall aim being the promotion of a more inclusive dialogue between the two camps. You can also be part of this process. If you have a question or would like to respond to one of the existing interventions, feel free to jump in anytime; go to @ask_youth_uk and start tweeting!

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