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Winners of the SELECT for Cities Internet-of-Everything PCP Announced

SELECT for Cities has announced the first phase winners from its call for tenders to design and develop a city-wide Internet-of-Everything (IoE) platform for smart city innovation.

SELECT for Cities has unveiled ten winners from the 28 responses received by its global call for tenders. The European project aims to deliver a city-wide open innovation platform for the public sector and beyond by supporting the effective use of Internet-of-Everything data and technology. It is achieving its aims using a new type of procurement called Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP).

Directed by the cities of Antwerp, Copenhagen and Helsinki, the PCP procurement is different to traditional methods as it is run through a series of three competitive phases, with the number of participating organisations reducing, but funding levels increasing, as each phase is evaluated. The phases range from design through to prototyping and testing of the solutions. This competitive approach challenges industry from the demand side to develop innovative solutions for public sector needs, whilst enabling procurers to compare alternative potential solution approaches to filter out the best possible solutions that the market can deliver.

Starting the first phase of the SELECT for Cities challenge the following companies/consortia from across Europe will deliver the concept design for their proposed Internet-of-Everything (IoE) platform solution.

“We would like to thank all the companies and consortia who entered a proposal. The quality of responses is phenomenal and showcases tremendous innovative thinking from all the organisations” stated SELECT for Cities Project Manager, Hugo Goncalves. “We are delighted to be starting Phase 1 of the research and development immediately moving us closer to our vision of smart, connected and innovative cities.”

SELECT for Cities is expected to announce the winners of Phase 1 who will move forward into the demo building activities of Phase 2 in late August, after evaluating the feasibility reports from the starting line-up.

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