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#ASK Partners Talk Youth, Twitter, Engagement at a LNDN meeting

On 17-18 October 2016, Susie and Pavel welcomed in London #ASK project partners from Bulgaria, France and Greece who arrived in the capital for the fourth, two-day consortium meeting. The meeting was held in late October so that partners could take stock of progress in year one and prepare for the next one starting in November. First item on the agenda was WP2 Broker Dashboard. The dashboard is a platform that #ASK pilots will use to broker conversations between young people, or their representatives, and policy makers. It was in the final stage of development when UX Passion, the technical partner responsible platform's design and implementation, presented it it to the rest of the consortium in London. Next on the list were WP3 Broker Pilots and WP4 Evaluation & Validation. WP5 Dissemination & Exploitation was discussed on the second and final day of the project meeting, together with the results of pilot work carried out in Y1. As #ASK enters new and exciting phase be sure to follow it on Twitter (@ASK_Youth_UK) to keep abreast of all the latest developments.

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