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SELECT for Cities - Open Market Consultation results!

On June 30th SELECT for Cities Open Market Consultation closed. It was an extremely successful consultation that comprised a survey, three face to face meetings, one webinar and many questions and answers.

The survey has been created in order to gather feedback from possible participants before the three face to face Open Market Consultation events and to see what the major issues of the stakeholders are. The details about the three face to face meetings from Antwerp, Helsinki and Copenhagen can be found here. In order to ensure transparency, fairness and access to the same information for all the participants, SELECT for Cities consortium has organized on June 28th a webinar for the ones that didn’t manage to join us at our face to face meetings. The recording of the webinar can be watched on the SELECT 4 Cities website.

SELECT for Cities consortium was excited to notice that the number of the participants at the webinar together with the ones from the face to face meetings was close to 180.

It is important to mention that the companies that couldn’t attend the Open Market Consultation events or webinar are eligible to participate in the tender and can still send their questions via this form or via email. It was created a good pool of questions here and everybody is free to consult them.

Moreover in order to further help SELECT for Cities tender participants team up and to have more innovative and interesting proposals it was created a matchmaking tool. The information from the matchmaking tool will be curated on the website and the interested participants will be able to contact each other. One of the biggest advantages of this matchmaking tool is that the participants can team up with local partners as well as European ones.

Information about what happened at the Open Market Consultation events, webinar as well as the presentations from the events and webinar can be found on the website here.

Stay tuned and follow SELECT for Cities website for the final Open Market Consultation report that will be publish at the end of August here.

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