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21c Team at OTN Project Meeting in Ghent

On 3 February 2016 Aneta and Pavel arrived in Ghent, Belgium, to join OpenTransportNet partners for a two-day project meeting whose aim was to take stock of recent progress and agree on the actions points for the coming weeks. Day one began with presentations by technical teams who briefed the consortium on the current status of OTN platform and the apps that have been designed for the four pilot sites: Antwerp, Birmingham, Issy-les-Moulineaux and Liberec. After lunch Aneta took the floor and presented a summary of user feedback from the previous test rounds, focusing on both positive and negative comments, on what went well and what could have been done better. In the second part of her presentation she shared with pilots some ideas about how to make the next testing round – OUG – a success. A detailed operations plan and a scenario linked to each pilot’s priority area were among the top recommendations that Aneta gave to pilots at the end of her presentation, which was followed by technical discussions focused on further developments in Open Transport Map, Open Landuse Map and Smart Points of Interest. Day two featured two parallel sessions – one dedicated to the second White Paper and another to the technical aspects of the Hub – and presentations on the OTN Proof of Concept and commercialisation strategy. The latter was presented by Pavel who drew on the results of D8.5 Commercialisation Plan Draft deliverable to give an overview of the most suitable sustainability options for the project after its lifecycle. The two-day meeting concluded with a list of actions that each partner needs to take to prepare for the P2 review, due to take place in early March 2016, and to help drive OTN solution forward in the final leg of its journey. Follow OTN news on Twitter (@OpenTnet) and Facebook.

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