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ECIM P2 Review Meeting a Success!

On 9 December 2015 ECIM partners gathered in Brussels to present project achievements of the penultimate period to the reviewers. All work package leaders had an allocated time slot during which they presented the results of their work carried out between January and September 2015. As WP7 leader Pavel talked about the results of market research and dissemination efforts undertaken by 21c and other partners in the past few months before concluding his presentation with an overview of action points for the final months of the project. The reviewers were impressed by the overall achievements of the consortium and noted high quality of the deliverables submitted in the previous period. Where they said they would like to see more progress in the coming months is the promotion of ECIM to relevant stakeholders by all partners through all available means; the refinement of a business model and go-to-market-strategy and the achievement of all targets, especially KPIs, specified in the Description of Work. Armed with these recommendations and positive feedback the consortium will take a series of steps to ensure that ECIM not only passes the final review with flying colours but also continues to remain impactful in pilot cities and byond long after it has finished.

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