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Serving ‘Inspirational Brain Food’ at Lord's

Not knowing exactly how the construction industry would take up her challenge to innovate or die, Julia was delighted to have her recent speech ‘Improving Innovation Through Open Data” before the Annual Constructing Excellence Conference referred to as brain food! Addressing a packed 11 November 2015 audience at Lord’s Cricket Ground, Julia stressed that industries every where are in an age of disruptive and transformational change. ‘Government is pushing industries to open data,’ she argued, 'because it will facilitate innovation. When it comes to construction, the UK Digital Built Britain strategy is world-leading but the real benefit of a data ecosystem is when industries can combine their own data with others.” Examples of construction related applications, Julia noted, already include open data for building permits, for happy schools, and for happier communities. Not forgetting Google’s focus on their own offices – healthy buildings for healthy profits. Following her speech, the organizers wrote: ‘this was an outstanding presentation, combining content and delivery style perfectly to have our audience enraptured.''

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