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Talking Smarter Government Trends in Sweden

On 3 November 2015, Julia landed in the Gothenburg Sweden where she not only learned that it was the home of her favourite car – SAAB – but also had the privilege to speak at Kvalitetsmässan – Sweden's largest Conference on Quality in Public Sector and Society and Europe’s biggest event on organizational and societal development. The 14th edition of this national event was attended by 4200 delegates and around 6 000 visitors. Inaugurated by Prime Minister Stephen Löfven, Julia’s fellow speakers included Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson as well as public sector officials from across the Nordic Region. Julia used her address to showcase the way in social media, mobile and cloud are combining to disrupt traditional government approaches to service delivery everywhere. ‘No industry is immune to digital transformation – not even government,’ Julia argued. ‘With advent of the new sharing economy, world leaders like South Korea understand that citizens are looking for government to provide a platform for collaboration and co-creation rather than simply enforce outdated service delivery, legal and regulatory paradigms. Where South Korea goes,’ Julia concluded,' truly smart governments should follow.'

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