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ECIM & OTN Ignite Student Imagination in Birmingham

On 24-25 October 2015 European projects ECIM and OTN participated as Silver Sponsors in BrumHack, a 24 hour student hackathon that was attended by more than 150 students from across the UK. The event was run as a hack in the Major League Hacking UK Fall season, and was held for the third time by the organisers, three Birmingham University Students. Students had 24 hours to build innovative and catchy apps using sponsors’ data and APIs. ECIM captured the imagination of three students – all from different universities: Birkbeck, Birmingham and King’s – who used, inter alia, Brompton data service published on the ECIM platform to produce a cycling safety app VibeCycle. The app uses GPS to guide cyclists from A to B with vibrations – one vibration means a cyclist should turn left, two right. OTN data was equally tantalising. Two students from Aston University decided to use Birmingham real time traffic data to build PrimeMover, an app that calculates the best available route and even allows users to pay for it using BrainTree, an online payment company. There was also a student from Birmingham University who created a fun game called ResourceFrogger. The game is written entirely in Java and is a frogger-type game in which the player must cross a series of roads while avoiding being hit by a car. OTN historic data flow was used to populate roads that user needs to cross. As an aknowledgement of their hard work all students received a prize – a Raspberry Pi 2 kit – and an invitation to collaborate on similar projects in the future. For more information about the apps please visit these pages: OTN, ECIM.

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