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ECIM Sustainability Contours Become More Defined After Brussels Workshop

On 25 September 2015 Pavel travelled to Brussels to take part in a business model workshop that was organised by the ECIM partner iMinds. ECIM is a European Commission backed initiative aimed at promoting smart and integrated mobility across the continent and beyond. The workshop provided an opportunity for project partners to validate the results of market research and business model work that had been carried out in the preceding months and agree on the most appropriate sustainability model for ECIM in the post-funding period. Olivier Rits, senior researcher and a business modelling expert at iMinds, facilitated interactive brainstorming session during which participants had to share their ideas using the following framework as a guidance: customer segment, common need, value promise, core components, value network, competition and pricing model. At the end of the exercise all ideas were aggregated and collected by the moderators for processing. The details of different sustainability scenarios will be shared by the consortium in the coming weeks. Follow ECIM on Facebook and Twitter(@ecim_eu) to be the first to find out about them.

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