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Co-creating Policy Recommendations at the @MyN Final Meeting

The last couple of months have been intense for the MyNeighbourhood Project which is rapidly approaching its sustainability phase. This is great news to new adopters as the project has been successfully piloted and tested in four different European cities and it is ready to be rolled out globally.

In order to discuss policy recommendations and exploitation strategy for the upcoming years, Aneta travelled to Milan, Italy to meet with all project partners. During two busy days (4-5 June 2015) MyN Team discussed project achievements and future plans that will allow to create even more favorable political conditions for the development of Human Smart Cities – the concept which focuses on people and their wellbeing rather than just information and communications technologies. Recently, this idea has gained a lot of attention in Brazil where Human Smart Cities Network has been established bringing international actors such as World Bank and the EU together. This is a significant attainment of the project, well beyond the scope of the original solution and something that we aim to develop even further.

We hope that the final review meeting and Beyond 2020 Conference that will take place in Lisbon, Portugal from the 22nd to 25th June will be a great occasion to showcase project achievements and attract new followers. If you are a citizen or a city representative interested in having MyNeighbourhood portal in your city get in touch with us & don't forget to like us on Facebook.

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