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Julia Talks Sharing & Sustainable Development in Astana

The United Nations asked Julia to discuss the role of Public-Private Sector Partnerships (PPP) in promoting Sustainable Development at the 2015 Astana Economic Forum which brought together over 10,000 delegates from around the world. Julia’s answer was simple: its all about Sharing. From Mobile and Social Media through to Geolocation and Open APIs, new technologies are disrupting traditional business models everywhere, Julia argued. PPP is no different. If government leaders want to create a truly sustainable future for our children and our planet they must modernize 19th and 20th century regulatory frameworks – which are all about managing mass production and consumption – to facilitate collaboration and sharing. Citing Bristol UK –the European Green Capital – Julia pointed out that whether it is cars, rooms, meals or even luggage, technology makes it easier than ever before for citizens to join together to share what they already own rather than consume ever more of the planet’s scarce resources.

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