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Sharing Economy Spirit Captured in Birmingham

Digital innovation and co-creation methodology introduced in Birmingham 2,5 years ago as a part of MyNeighbourhood Project has changed the city landscape forever. To showcase project's results and talk about MyN proudest achievements, Aneta together with the filming crew from Lisbon, Birmingham City Council representatives and community group leaders spent two fantastic days (26-27 May 2015) recording interviews and neighbours stories.The positive vibe that you could be felt in the air was just contagious and made everyone even more motivated and committed to their neighbourhoods. People restored their sense of community through the MyN online platform which let them to unlock new generation of services and activities.

Sharing economy powered by the digital solutions enables people to do things in a completely new way. It allows people to go from owning expensive assets to pay or share when they need it. Moreover, it helps to save energy and environment. 21c is very proud to be at the forefront of new disruptive trends and always looking for opportunities to solve societal challenges, especially with the help of technology. For more information about the MyN project and how to get involved please visit or follow us on Twitter – @MyN_EU.

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