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21c Associate Mesmerizes Tech Professionals at IoT Summit in London

On Monday 11 May 2015 Pavel attended Internet of Things Summit which brought together experts from a range of different fields, including Smart Cities. One such expert was Michael Mulquin, a 21c Associate and an internationally recognised expert on Smart Cities standards. For over 20 years Michael has been leading and advising on projects that help cities innovate through standardisation. He has advised a number of expert groups and produced many publications for bodies like ISO and BSI. Michael shared his views and experience with the audience during a presentation that focused on the role of standards in developing a consistent framework for IoT applications and infrastructure. “A key secret to the success of smart city projects is the development of common approaches to tackling city issues,” Michael said. “The challenge is designing these common approaches and standards so that they can underpin, and not constrain, innovation.”

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