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Citadel on the Move: Reflecting on our Growth

After four years of sharing our vision for Open Data across Europe and around the world, the Citadel team has taken a moment to step back and reflect on our growth. Since numbers speak louder than words, we wanted to share this picture of our growth:

  • 130+ Number of cities, towns and countries in our network spanning 6 continents; that is bigger than the Major Cities of Europe and just passed Euro Cities too

  • 64 Number of countries with Citadel associates, just one less than the Open Government Partnership

  • 660 Our apps tally dwarfs the 384 currently available on the UK government’s national portal

  • 40 Number of countries in which our young innovators Alex and William, aged 8 & 9, make the headlines, one more than the entire Eurovision participants list

  • 13 Number of standards bodies whose representatives have been engaged by Citadel

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