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Citadel Partners Shine in Global Open Data Rankings

On 20th January 2014 Open Data Research Network released the results of the second edition of Open Data Barometer, a study that seeks to examine the extent to which Open Data policies and practice have gained steam around the world. The study’s main conclusion, based on a sample of 86 countries, is that the gap between Open Data rhetoric and practice is still wide. Despite the widespread acknowledgement of the benefits of Open Government Data (OGD), 90% of the countries surveyed fail to publish key datasets in open formats.

The benefits of OGD are well-known, and Citadel believes that all governments that have promised to become “open by default,” mainly G7 ones, must follow through on their pledges. Those who haven’t done it yet should jump on the bandwagon sooner than later to avoid being left behind.

Showcasing the power of starting early and working steadily, Citadel was pleased to see that every country where Citadel has worked closely with a pilot partner over the past 3 years – France, Greece, Belgium and the UK – has seen an increase in their rankings. France witnessed the largest increase (16.29 points), followed by Greece (13.2) and Belgium (12.49). The UK retained its position as the global Open Data leader, setting a great example for other Open Data enthusiasts to follow.

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