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Citadel Announces Global 'Local Open Data' Findings

Citadel on the Move recently released the results from an intensive 3-year global outreach effort that has helped over 120 local government organisations around the world open and use government data. Citadel on the Move is a 4M Euro EU-funded Smart City project which has developed a range of new open source tools that make it easier for all governments, especially the small ones that often get left behind, to open data and unlock smart city innovation.

"Over the past 3 years, Citadel on the Move has embarked on an extensive global outreach campaign to engage local authorities everywhere," said Dr. Julia Glidden, President & Founder of 21c Consultancy and key strategic advisor to the project. "During the course of this work, we realised that we were not only helping to unlock local government data on a unprecedented scale, but were also uncovering a treasure trove of new findings about the open data landscape. From level of experience through to the most popular data formats, Citadel on the Move has revealed a unique snapshot about global open data trend at the local level." Read the unique findings here.

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