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Engaging Times With 21c and OpenTransportNet

Another week in Brussels for 21c as Susie Ruston McAleer, Managing Partner and Aneta Rapecz, European Project Coordinator, met with the rest of the OpenTransportNet (OTN)project partners at the offices of the Flemish eGovernment Authority (CORVE)..

Following the conclusion of the initial co-design process for OTN’s data hubs, the tech team have been working with the user requirements to create first stage wire-frames or prototypes for the platform. The aim of the data hubs are to aggregate transport related Geospatial Information and Open Data from across a city and make it available for easy integration and analysis for a range of end users including SME’s, community groups and city planners.

To help the pilot cities start to form their operations plan for testing and opening the hubs to their stakeholders, Susie and Aneta ran a knowledge sharing workshop using 21c’s Engagement Model Canvass. The Engagement Canvass helps cities to strategically understand who will be using the solution, their background, value propositions, motivations and risk, and forms a useful pre-step before creating detailed user journeys for each type of user.

Each pilot city presented their Canvass back to the team stimulating discussions not only around communication strategies but also around gamification aspects and technical site issues. The workshop proved an extremely useful exercise to bring the tech and pilot teams together. Ari from Antwerp told us “Usually when I see a flip chart and a pen for a shared activity I run a mile, but I found this workshop really fun and very helpful”.

Keep up to date with OpenTransportNet developments via Twitter with @OpenTnet, Facebook or visit the project website.

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