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21c Keeps UK Fast Futures on Track at NextGen Conference

A full house at NextGen 14: Fast Track to the Future (November 11-12, Derby, UK), is keeping Julia Glidden, President and Founder of 21c, busy as she undertakes the two-day role of conference moderator to forge cohesion and links between a range of speakers and topics.

The annual conference brings together a range of policy makers, and public/private sector decision makers to discuss new ICT trends and shape the digital debate.

From infrastructure discussions on connectivity, city wifi and superfast rural broadband to presentations on co-creation and innovation using Open Data to create smart city services. Julia is helping speakers share insights and discover opportunities in the UK’s fast moving, high-tech, digital development landscape.

Speakers include Ed Vaizey MP, Minister of State at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Rohit Talwar, Futurist, Strategic Advisor, Author and Keynote Speaker, Carolyn Kimber, Secretary General Digital Policy Alliance and David Francis UK Cities Programme Manager Future Cities Catapult amongst many more. The full list of speakers can be found at the NextGen website.

For updates and live coverage of the conference see Twitter #ng14 or visit NextGen TV to view recoreded sessions.

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