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Celebrating Geek Power At ODI's Open Data Summit

Yesterday – 4 November – 21c Managing Partner, Susie Ruston McAleer, donned her OpenTransportNet and CitadelontheMove hat to join hundreds of Open Data enthusiasts, practitioners and experts at the Open Data Institutes (ODI) 2014 Summit in central London. With speakers including the father of the Internet Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Nigel Shadbolt, the Summit celebrated the evolution of open data and its impact across cultural, economic, environmental and social spheres.

Networking with data luminaries and thinkers from business, the media, government, technology and startups, Susie was able to share open data lessons and success stories from across Europe. She showcased how 21c has helped over 85 cities in the past year open its data, and explained how the power of open GI (Geospatial Information) is unlocking the potential for smart service innovation by advancing the kinds of insights that can be extrapolated from open data.

The highlight of the conference came in the afternoon, when fifteen-year-old Amy Mather, the European Digital Girl of the Year, joined Open Data advocate Martha Lane Fox on the podium to talk about gender issues in coding and web science. Amy articulated the genius behind collective movements/networks such as the ODI and Citadel on the Move saying “the geek community is always out there for you, open data is for everyone”.

To view a two minute summary of the Summit click here. For help with convincing your own organization to open its data don’t hesitate to contact us with your challenges.

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