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Julia Presents the UN with a Roadmap for Smart Governments

October 8th, Astana - Still in Kazakhstan to attend the United Nations Global eGovernment Forum 2014, with over 1,000 attendees, Julia was very proud to be a panelist in Session 1.2 on Strategic Policy-Making Aspects of Implementing Smart Government. Julia used the opportunity to address delegates from over 79 countries around the world to talk about Government as an 'Open Innovation Platform’ that leverages its single greatest asset: citizens! Governments don’t necessarily need to be smart. But they do need a new change of mindset that thinks and acts bottom up to engage citizens the co-creation of innovative new services and policies. Julia showcased the way in which 3 innovative EU-funded pilot projects – Citadel on the Move, OTN and ECIM – present a cost effective Roadmap to ‘Smart and Sustainable Government.'

To continue its global initiative to promote e-government development, UNDESA in partnership with the Government of Kazakhstan hosted the third Global E-Government Forum in Astana between October 5-8, 2014. The Forum focused on ‘Smart Governance for Sustainable Development: New Opportunities for Partnerships in the Networked Society” and addressed emerging issues, such as Smart Governance, Networked Society, Open Government, Open Data and Social Media. It specifically aimed to raise participants’ awareness of new e-government trends and issues, including cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices to address complex governance challenges. By gathering experts together from around the world the Forum provided a platform for discussion and exchange of experiences among representatives from relevant governmental organizations, country representatives, as well as world renowned experts and academics. The ultimate goal of the Forum is to enhance government capacity in promoting smart governance, particularly in developing countries, through presentations, discussions, and peer-to-peer learning.

A peek into Julia's speech #GeGF2014 – Smart Government. Catch up on all the happenings using the hashtag: #GeGF2014

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