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Women on Wheels and Travel Buddies Are Popular in Birmingham!

There is something very special about September. It is the moment of the year when life returns to its normal pace, work resumes and roads get busy again. This is also an exciting time for MyNeighbourhood project as new services are being launched and fresh ideas circulate in the air.

After successful promotion of the MyN platfrom during summer, Florence and Aneta had an opportunity to spend another sunny Saturday in Birmingham to encourage local citizens to take the advantage of two project's flagship initiatives: Women on Wheels – women only cycling course and Travel Buddies – travel companions.

The services that have been co-created by the community representatives themselves have been very popular among wider public. We were pleased to increase the enrolment numbers and sign up new volunteers. However, there is still space for anyone wishing to get involved in the project. To find out more please visit MyN website and get in touch with us.

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