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21c Gets Creative for GLN Project in Greece

Ben was in the beautiful beachside town of Marathon this week at the first GLN Summer School. The event, part of a larger summer school organized by the Open Discovery Space project, saw teachers, environmental specialists and learning experts from across Europe come together to envision the future of education in the ‘Green’ subjects of Agriculture, Biodiversity and Rural Affairs. Over three days of intensive workshops, participants went through a creative process we call an ‘Action Creativity Session’ led by a joint team from 21c and our Colleagues AK in Greece.

The session pairs experts in the field with creative people from different walks of life and challenges them, over a number of different exercises, to take an idea all the way from inception to a fully viable business ready to be launched tomorrow. This event, being a part of the Green Creativity process, challenged participants to come up with the next generation of Entrepreneurial Educational tools to encourage greater innovation in farming by the next generation. The teams created some wonderful models and came away from the session with a practical idea that can become the basis of a future project or business plan, all thanks to the focussed creativity that can happen when bright people come together with the right support. To learn more about the Green Learning network project, visit our Website and to get in touch with 21c about running your own Action Creativity Session, contact us here.

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