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MyNeighbourhood Platform Introduction Workshop: Birmingham

On Wednesday 25th of June, Aneta went to sunny Birmingham to run two workshops where MyNeighbourhood (MyN) Platform was introduced to the local community. The main aims of the sessions were to present the MyN platform together with its features as well as encourage participants to sign up and experiment with the website.

The first workshop took place in a local community centre, Phoenix Hall, where local women regularly come together through a series of MyNeighbourhood inspired coffee mornings to discuss issues around wellbeing and fitness. The second workshop took place in the Midland Arts Centre (MAC) based on the edge of a park where women meet up regularly to go walking together and talk about everyday matters.

Most of the workshop participants have already heard about the MyNeighbourhood project either via their local community centre or word of mouth. They were glad to see that the platform has been launched and all agreed to test it. Feedback gathered during the sessions was positive. Almost everyone praised the look and feel of the platform. The majority of women expressed their interest in using the platform and said that they would recommend it to people in their local community. However, they have highlighted the need for more guidance and help as some of them still had no clear vision how the platform could change the way they do things in local community. Participants also pointed out that mobile application is the key feature they would like to see in the future.

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