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Education Meets Big Data at UCL

On the 13th of May Aneta joined practitioners from industry, government, institutions, schools and academia to discuss issues related to the use of Big Data in Education during the 'Big Data and Education: What's the Big Idea?' conference organised by the UCL Big Data Institute in partnership with Reed Elsvieer. The event was run under the umbrella of TECY (Technology, Education, Culture, Youth), a series of policy events organized by the European Commission and DIGITALEUROPE. It was a great opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the Big Data analytics, get to know new online educational services and debate policy solutions especially to privacy issues. During the concluding remarks, panellists summarised the areas for improvement emphasising the importance of data supply, analysis, interpretation and security. They stressed that Big Data can shed light on many educational concerns and help to improve current practices by offering previously unknown insights on learning processes but it needs to be used in a smart and responsible way in order to avoid risks and moral hazards. Linking education and technology is a key for preparing new generation of citizens for the world of tomorrow.

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