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agINFRA Growing Strong in Budapest

Ben was in Budapest last week for the 5th meeting of the agINFRA project. High on the agenda was the pioneering work that agINFRA has done to put Open Data at the top of the agricultural agenda worldwide. The project’s innovative solution now connects researchers, information managers and farmers across the globe with upwards of 10 million publications, records and datasets.

Over the past months agINFRA has been working with the G8, the US and UK Governments and the EC to champion the role of our solution in opening up the mountains of data currently sitting in the collections of universities and research centres around the globe for public use! Not only is such data vital for developing new and better techniques in agriculture but it has the power to alleviate many of the challenges we face in our increasingly populated world.

One particularly exciting development with the 21c team shared with our colleagues was our ongoing collaboration with the Global Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition Movement (GODAN). Founded and supported by the US and UK governments, this is the premier international forum for sharing ideas on Open Data in Agriculture and agINFRA is the only founding partner to have a European project currently working in the area.

Over the next months we will be furthering our work and all partners shared the excitement of our team that agINFRA will be able to grow even further and change the lives of more researchers and information managers in the future.

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