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Smart (Sunny) Cities at the Samos Summit

Susie Ruston represented 21c at the 4th Samos Summit, on Digital Innovation for Government, Business and Society, an event that offered an unprecedented opportunity to see, interact with and influence cutting-edge European ICT research projects and initiatives. Attended by high calibre experts from research, administrations and enterprises, the Samos Summit focused on the newest developments of Information and Communication Technologies and innovative applications in the context of the public and private sector.

During the Summit Susie promoted the EPIC Smart City project which had a plenary speech, project workshop and Summer School tutorial organised during the week and she liaised closely with the Citadel on the Move project to explore opportunities for shared sustainability.

In addition Susie chaired a panel that explored organisational, trust and security issues. The panel featured an overview of open data from a user’s perspective by Dimitris Koryzis from the Hellenic Parliament, before exploring organisational perspectives and security by design from Marijn Janssen from TU Delft and Vasilios Tountopoulos from ATC. Finally the panel concluded with a tour of the PROTOS project by Vasileios Vlachos from RACTI who helped develop the PROactive Threat Observatory System.

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