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Data Talks: Is Europe Listening?

On the 29th May, Susie Ruston from 21c joined an expert panel at the Institute of European Studies, VUB, Brussels to discuss open data in the European Union. This panel formed the concluding event for the Institutes highly successful series of 'Data Talks'. Susie's fellow panelists included Geert Mareels, E-Government Manager for the Flemish Government, Andrew Stott, Member of the UK Public Sector Transparency Board, and Richard Swetenham, Adviser for open data at DG CONNECT. Susie launched the panel by providing a definition of open data and what it means to Government. Susie used findings from the Smart City project Citadel on the Move to discuss the concrete consequences and promises of opening up public data. Mareels followed with additional examples of other open data initiatives in Government, whilst Stott addressed key challenges that the public sector need to overcome in making its data open. Swetenham concluded the presentations with an overview of the recent PSI reuse directive from the Commission before opening the floor to questions from audience members from the university, government as well as large corporates from the private sector. For more information about public open data see

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