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Slightly Less Puzzled by Policy in Athens

Susie from 21c joined the Puzzled-by-Policy Team, Greek policy-makers and NGOs at Athens City Hall on Wednesday 7th November to share first hand local experiences of using the Puzzled participation platform to help manage local immigration policy issues.

The Puzzled by Policy project ‘Helping you to be part of the EU’ aims to provide citizens with an engaging and easy-to-use platform, where they can learn about and give their voice to policy issues concerning immigration in the European Union. The platform allows users to graphically compare their views on immigration with national and EU immigration policies, as well as with the opinions of relevant stakeholders. Users are then encouraged to join discussions on particular aspects of immigration policy they feel strongly about.

The Deputy Mayor explained how Athens City has no legislative powers yet has to deal with the local integration of migrants. Like many, he believes that immigration challenges are a European problem and he welcomes the ability to feed local views up to a national and pan-European level through the Puzzled platform. Mr Bloom from NGO ASANTE highlighted the importance of Puzzled’s platform to help young immigrants understand and discuss their fundamental rights.

Following the workshop. The Puzzled by Policy Team entered their second year review, with Susie presenting the sustainability and exploitation options to the Reviewers. With over 4,000 users taking part in the migration policy profiler to date, the project was successfully received and given the mandate to enter its third and final year. To try Puzzled for yourself visit

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