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Growing pains? Young People’s Attitudes to Politics

On the 12th of July Dorota from 21c represented the OurSpace project during a meeting organized by the Hansard Society at the Houses of Parliament. The event named “Growing Pains? Young People’s Attitudes to Politics” followed up on recent findings from the Hansard Society's Audit of Political Engagement which suggested that over the last decade more young people (18-24 year-olds) feel knowledgeable about politics and more say they are certain to vote. The Audit also suggested that as young people age, they do become more politically engaged. The event discussed young people's attitudes to politics and the problem of connecting young people with institution and individuals who represent them in the democratic process. It attracted over 60 participants, including policy-makers, scholars and journalists. OurSpace project was positively accepted by the participants and featured as a tool that has a potential to strengthen democracy processes by bringing young people closer to political decision-making.

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