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Organic.Lingua Excels at the First Year Review in Luxemburg

The Organic.Lingua team met on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2012 in Luxembourg for the first year review of the project by the European Commission (EC). The purpose of this review meeting was twofold. Firstly, it was an opportunity for the project partners to present the up-to-date progress of the project per Work Package and outline the key plans for the next two years. Secondly, the EC representatives had a chance to evaluate in detail the project’s achievements since the project launch in March 2011 and give individual partners feedback on the progress made by their organisations and question any uncertainties or deviations from the Description of Work.

The overall review of the project was very positive. The reviewers were impressed with the partners’ presentations and demos of the linguistic technologies that showed that for certain domain areas (such as agriculture) the Organic.Lingua tools can outperform Google translator. In addition, the reviewers particularly praised the excellent management of the project and the successful establishment of collaborative links to other projects developing multilingual data repositories. Also, Organic.Lingua was positively evaluated based on its sustainability outlooks by securing partnerships with major open data repository projects such as Open Discovery Space and agINFRA. This meeting has confirmed that the Organic.Lingua team has had a very productive year in furthering the development of a multilingual service for the Orgnic.Edunet portal. In this context, the review meeting was a great boost for the team to maintain the developed operational standards and objectives in the next two years.

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