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EPIC and The UK G-Cloud

Susie and Oli represented the EPIC (European Platform for Intelligent Cities) project at the recent Public Sector Enterprise ICT Conference held in London on the 15 November. The prestigious annual conference focused on what public sector ICT will look like in five years. Innovative speakers such as Andy Nelson, the Chief Information Officer at the Ministry of Justice UK spoke about the future of Cloud computing in government, what barriers need to be removed to ensure take up and what new opportunities exist for emerging suppliers and SME’s. The EPIC Team were pleased to see that the UK G-Cloud programme currently underway in the UK shares many of the same goals and objectives of the EPIC project and that the Public Sector are beginning to realise that the deployment of Public Sector Networks (PSN) and Cloud technology is essential if public sector bodies are to keep up with their private sector counterparts. Susie and Oli distributed EPIC leaflets and discussed the project and its aims with a range of local government staff and private sector practitioners. In addition they learned more about innovative cyber security solutions that protect data stored in Clouds yet are flexible enough to easily facilitate secure mobile working from anywhere. Further information about this event can be found at

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