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VINNOVA Leads Drive for Citizen-Centric eGovernment Services

Julia had the honour to serve as Chairperson of the Review Panel for the second call for ‘Citizen-Centric eGovernment Services’ in Stockholm (October 31 – Nov 1). The Call was lead by the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems – VINNOVS – in collaboration with NordForsk , the Icelandic Centre for Researdch (RANNIS) and the Estonian Ministry for Economic Affairs and Communications. The aim of the Call is to strengthen the Citizens’ Services concept and facilitate collaboration between Nordic-Baltic states. Applications invited for the second call were invited to develop a prototype of new national eGovernment services, or immense improvement of existing e-services based around citizen needs. After the Review Panel assessed 17 applications from Sweden, Iceland and Estonia, Julia presented a final short-list to the Funding Steering Committee. The new winners can be found at

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