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Oli Puzzled by Policy in Ljubljana, Slovenia

On the 12-13th of October 2011 Oli joined the Puzzled by Policy consortium at the 4th plenary meeting in Ljubljana to discuss the current state of the project and to prepare the team for the first review meeting with the European Commission that will take place at the end of November 2011.

The Puzzled by Policy Team is getting ready to launch the first version of the platform to its test groups by the end of November and to the general public by the end of this year. The platform is combining successful pre-existing eParticipation tools such as the EU Profiler with new widget technologies with the ultimate aim to reduce the complexity of decision making within the EU and reconnect citizens with politics and policymaking on the hot topic of immigration and migration.

21c is leading the exploitation and sustainability side of the project researching the potential adopters of the platform and developing the Business Plan to ensure Puzzled by Policy outcomes live beyond the timeframe funded by the European Commission.

Read more on, or test the current version of the platform on

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