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Susie Facilitates EPIC Innovation in Deloitte's iZone

Susie joined EPIC partners at Deloitte's offices in Brussels on Tuesday 11 October to begin the Roadmap planning phase of the project. The EPIC Roadmap will be a help resource for administrations to use on their journey to becoming a smart city. The workshop consisted of a series of presentations, discussions and break-out sessions all designed to gather information from the Stakeholder value chain represented by the project partners (Cities, SME, Industry etc.) on their needs and vision for EPIC and for public sector cloud computing in general. Cities need to save costs yet deliver high quality effective services, whilst SME's need access to tools and Partnerships to help them do business and reach markets across Europe. The Team will be working together over the next few weeks to begin Market Research and gather as much feedback from potential users as possible before finalising the Roadmap strategy. For more information visit

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