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Creating the Citadel Statement

21c facilitated a workshop on Monday 11th October at the SOCITM conference in Brighton that brought together e-government experts from across Europe to discuss why e-government is not happening at the local level. The aim of the workshop was to create the basis for a formal consultation on ‘what local governments need from National and EU decision makers in order to better implement e-government’. The results from the workshop and the subsequent public consultation will be used to help formulate a shared European eGovernment Statement(provisionally named the Citadel Statement) that will be launched at the ‘Lift off to Open Governent’ pre-conference hosted by the Flemish Government on the 14th December in Ghent, Belgium.

Geert Mareels, eGovernment Manager for CORVE and the Project Sponsor, thanked 21c for its professional management of the workshop, and participants such as Peter Hautekiet from Vlaamse ICT organisatie claimed “It really was a nice workshop, thanks to the excellent coordination and preparation”.

Further information on the public consultation phase will be released soon.

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