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Big Data Services





Before launching any Big Data project its important to fully understand your organisations data landscape.  21c can help with initial research both remotely and through conversations with your staff to understand your data asset list. From this point work can be undertaken to create a basic taxonomy for your data with a thorough review of your exisiting data managemen policies and processes. Using our unique 21c Data Audit Toolkit, analysis and reccomendations for improvement will be made.



Warehousing and Management


21c partners with the Bloor Group to offer a fresh approach to modern data warehousing. As data warehouse professionals become more experienced and work at organisations with more mature data warehousing programs, awareness of the agile technologies increases, particularly in the area of Hadoop adoption and data warehouse automation. 21c and the Bloor Group can work with you to better understand the concepts of data warehouse automation and show how improved data warehouse performance that increases organisational agility can add value to your organisation.




Business Intelligence


21c offers bespoke programmes to help you unleash your organisations Business Intelligence (BI).  This is a technology-driven process for analysing data, drawing out new knowledge and presenting actionable information to help make better informed business decisions.  21c helps you navigate the often confusing, complex array of tool providers and methodologies out in the market place to help you choose and adopt the processes that best suit your organisation.  From collecting data, to analysing it and even providing dashboard for visualistaion 21c provides informed, trusted advice every step of the way.


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