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OpenTransportNet Showcased To Forum Participants In Luxembourg

On 16-17 November 2015 Pavel travelled to Luxembourg for European Data Forum. EDF is an annual event where industry professionals, researchers, policy makers and members of the community initiatives can come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities of Open, Linked, Big and other types of data in Europe. At EDF Pavel represented OpenTransportNet, a European Commission-backed project that aims to inject open data principles into transport domain and make it easier for people to use geospatial information. In the poster area where OTN was displayed alongside other European data initiatives Pavel had many opportunities to showcase the project’s objectives and achievements to EDF participants. The audience was particularly impressed by WebGLayer, a data analysis and visualisation tool developed by Jan Jezek, OTN partner from the University of West Bohemia, and by the apps created with OTN data at a recent student hackathon in Birmingham. One of the attendees from Madrid who is invovled in SmartOpenData project even expressed interest in visualising the city’s pollution level with Jan’s tool – an opportunity OTN is now planning to turn into a long-term partnership with the Spanish capital. The interest in WebGLayer and OTN more generally also came from Vize, CVCE, Km4City and Eudeco as well as Philippe Van Impe, a Brussels-based social entrepreneur who is organising a number of events related to transport and open data that may be of interest to OTN partners. Follow OTN on Facebook and Twitter to see how these relationship progress. And don’t forget to visit OTN website regularly to find out about other exciting news and events.

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