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21c Thinks 'Big' about H2020

On January 31 2013, Julia was asked to attend an invitation only experts working group session in Brussels on the Horizon 2020 Work Programm e 2014-2-15. The session gathered ICT experts from across Europe to help identify potential new activities in the area of ICT-driven public sector innovation (formerly known as e Government) under H2020. Needless to say, Julia was thrilled to see 21c's favourite area of interest –eParticipation – return to the fore. During the discussion, Julia highlighted the need to examine the way in which eParticipation has changed within the context of social media and smart phones. She argued the need for new research and piloting in areas such as data analytics, crowd sourcing and federated identity. In addition to eParticipation, Julia stressed the need for continued work in the realm of Open Data with a particular focus on future proofing for an IOT-driven explosion in Big Data.

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